Graduation Speech: Adopting A Child From Foster Care

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In our first week of our class I mention my desired to adopt a child from foster care. I lost my father when I was still in my mother’s womb and my mother was just young by that time and we came from a very poor. My mother had to work multiple jobs to get us something to eat we barely surviving day by day. Sometimes she will leave me to my aunties house some days and to my grandmother’s house in other days.
So I understand what its like to not have somebody who will guide you in every step of the way to have a meaningful life. Looking back those days I always asked myself what could have been if I have a full time support system. Maybe I could be a better person now than I what I became now. Mybe im smarter, healthier but god only knows maybe he put me in this position to see what life is all about and with all those struggles I had in my life it gives me a full understand what it is like to be when you don’t have a family around you. So I want to introduce to everyone adoptuskids this is the organization who helps childrens in foster
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Adoptuskids is not just for adopting children from foster care there is many things we could do to help this young people to have a positive life. If you cant adopt because of money, lifestyle or whatever reasons lets not forget some of the small things that could leave a good memories to the unfortunate. Donating, mentoring or providing a respite care will help our world to become a better place for everyone. is here to connect us to the unfortunate children they open up opportunities for everyone to particiapre in this humanitarian act and I hope that my suggestion would encourage everyone to come and join this amazing organization they provide all the things that I mention but the more people we gets the better we can

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