Pesticides Affecting Honey Bees

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Honey bees are very important to people in the world. Not only do honeybees produce honey, but they do much more to help people. Malcolm T Sanford, a professor at the University of Florida says “the honey bee is credited with approximately 85% of the pollinating activity necessary to supply about one-third of the nation’s food supply” (Sanford 1). Over 50 major corps rely on honey bees for pollination (Sanford 1). Without the pollination, the crops will not get what they need for them to grow and produce. With this result, a majority of crops may be lost. According to Justin Moyer, a reporter at the Washington post, “The USDA estimated that honeybees add more than $15 billion to the value of the country’s crops per year” (Moyer 1).The honey …show more content…

Pesticides have been used by farmers and other people for crops. The pesticide helps get rid of insects and any other organism that tries to destroy the plant. When theses pesticides are used on the crops it has an effect on the honey bees. The honey bee, when effected by pesticides loses its memory, cognition, and forgets how to behave. From just pesticide use alone, they have found that the pesticides accompanied for 50 percent of honey bee deaths just in the winter time. In order to help bring these percentages down farmers and other people will have to limit their pesticide use. Sure pesticides help protect crops so they can grow and become healthy but what people need to realize is honey bees pollinate the crops and help them develop. Without the pollination people lose crops. Other ways to keep pesticides off honey bees are only applying them when there are no honeybees flying, don’t contaminate water with them, use less toxic compounds, and use less toxic formulas (Sanford 3). Farmers and other people need to be careful on just how much pesticide they use in order to keep the honeybee from becoming …show more content…

There would not be an argument to why people should find solutions for CCD and protecting honeybees from parasites, but someone could argue on the effects of reducing pesticide use. Pesticides are major part of keeping crops from getting eaten by insects. Farmers uses many pesticides on their crops
If the world can limit pesticide use, destroy parasites, and help reduce CCD, it will be a much better resolution so we can keep honeybees. The solution that has been presented is the best solution possible. Using pesticides more will not outweigh the existence of honeybees. There is more at stake if the honeybee would become extinct rather than having pesticides for the plants.
Honey bees are a huge benefit to the human race. Not only from the production of honey but also the pollination of plants. Without that pollination the growth and the quality of the crop would not be near as good. If honey bees would become extinct, it would be a huge loss for the

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