Pestle Analysis Of Dhl

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Introduction DHL is one of the leading company worldwide in the logistics industry. DHL is based in more than 220 countries including Singapore, which will be the chosen country to be focused on in this essay. This essay will be looking into the company 's and country 's background, PESTLE analysis and Porter’s five forces. Also, at the end of the essay, recommendations and suggestions will be given based on the PESTLE analysis and Porter’s five forces. DHL is specialized in express delivery, from land, air to sea. The company originated from the United States in 1969. It took them only a year to extend their services all the way into Singapore. DHL vision is “Excellence. Simply delivered”. Also, the company has its own set of purpose: We deliver joy. We deliver prosperity. We deliver trust. In addition, DHL has already set their strategy for year 2020, which is “Focus, connect and grow”. Located right above the equator, lies a successful small island, Singapore. Singapore is a republic with a parliamentary system of government. There are three branches of the Government of Singapore: Executive, Legislative and the Judiciary. Singapore and former British colony took up the Westminster model after Singapore became independent on 9 August 1965. In 1954, PAP also known as People’s Action Party was formed. Mr. Lee Kuan Yew led the PAP and won the first election to form Singapore’s first government after it enjoyed an overwhelming victory by capturing 43 out of 51 seats in the
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