Peter Singer's Argumentative Essay On Assisted Suicide

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Everyone deserves to live a happy and healthy life. If someone feels that they don't want to live anymore due to pain or unhappiness are doctors allowed to respect their wishes and help them end their life? Doerflinger does not agree with assisted suicide because he feels that it will lead to a slippery slopes which will allow the wrongful practices of killing. Peter Singer believes that assisted suicide is permissible because a person is voluntarily asking for it and it will help end their suffering. I believe that euthanasia should not be used because doctors can soon find a cure for whatever the patient is going through. We also can’t put the patient’s family through such a big loss. Life is something that should be cherished and we shouldn't devalue it by resorting to suicide to fix something problems.
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His children are too young to be left without a father and I do think that the foster system will corrupt them. There is also a possibility that doctors could find a cure for the disease he has and I feel that he will inspire other people to continue fighting. This will also show how valuable life is and how he is willing to fight through the pain his children.This will encourage his children and others around him to never give up no matter how bad it gets. Fred will be able to see his children grow up and witness all their big moments like their wedding, graduation, etc.
People should always fight for life because it is so precious. We shouldn't always resort to killing without any justification. Modern medicine can always find a cure for whatever the person is going through. People, like Fred, have so much to live for ,they just have to stop looking at the negatives and start looking at the positives. People just need to find something to fight for and society to encourage them to continue to fight and help them find happiness.The only way someone can find happiness is to

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