Why Was Peter Skene Ogden Difficult

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Peter Skene Ogden was a very successful trapper and explorer without him the territory that now makes up the states of Washington, Oregon, California, Nevada, Utah Idaho and Montana would remain undiscovered. The document “PETER SKENE OGDEN 'S JOURNAL OF HIS EXPEDITION TO UTAH, 1825” gives details about one of his most famous expeditions. It is significant because it shows what Ogden and his group experienced and the hardships they had to overcome. It also lays out a map of which way Ogden traveled with his group. Ogden was a Canadian by birth, but was a descendant of early American Ancestors. Around the time of the American Revolution the Ogden family was divided. Part supporting the Americans and the other part remaining loyal to Great Britain. At the end of the war The British loyalists moved to Canada. That …show more content…

In that time, he showed that he had great leadership qualities and that he could handle stiff competition between Hudson’s Bay’s Bay Company. He almost didn’t get hired at the Hudson’s Bay’s Bay Company because of this. George Simpson intervened for him making it so that did not happen. 1824 Hudson’s Bay’s Bay Company had travelled to the Snake River Country. The experiences there where not pleasant. Many other trappers had risked their lives and had died at the hands of the perils of this expedition. The region had become so unpopular because of the heavy loss of lives that no volunteers wanted to step up to tackle this problem.
Most thought that they should just leave it alone, but Governor Simpson thought the country held great profit and could be benefited from. He was positive that the previous explorer ‘Alexander Ross’ was just an empty-headed fool. He thought back and remembered one man who had the ability to face this dangerous journey. He believed that Ogden was the man perfect for the

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