Essay On Pets Should Be Allowed In Schools

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A teacher must be very involved and dedicated also children who are younger need supervision.In this article i will be explaining why pets who be a good idea for classrooms , the issue is that some schools wont allow this to happen because they have to many worries.Although some believe ,pets in classrooms are not a good idea for schools ,it may actually be a good idea for them for educational purposes more important it could be a good idea to fix behaivor issues and last but not least teaching the kids responsibilty in addition to teaching them about self esteem. Although some believe,pets in the classroom are not a good idea for kids , it may actually be a good benefit academically. In fact ,academic scores go up when teachers have pets in the classrooms.having a pet or pets in the class room could have students pay more attention and listen more and maybe even encourage students to come to school everyday.Equally important ,when kids get encourage to come everyday to school they dont miss anything and they have good attendance so when they take tests they know what to do and with pets , …show more content…

By fixing behavior issues kids and teachers have more time to focus on what's important just like at lakeside high school. When kids and teens and students have less behavior issues students learn more also teachers don't get distracted and have to stop , because with pets in the classroom kids have less behavior issues and kids learn and focus more.More important it's more calm and less drama , also there would be angry outburst with kids at lakeside high school then when that happened the teachers would let the kid or kids take the dog for a walk and the kid or kids would come back better acting.Clearly , by having pets fix kids behavior issues the kids have more time to play and learn and socialize, and teachers have more opportunities to teach more

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