Face To Face Promotion Research Paper

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E-Detailing: The Future of Remote Pharmaceutical Marketing
Prof. Sandeep Rathod
B.Sc. (Biotech), M.Sc. (Integrated Biotech), M.B.A. (Mkt.), Ph.D. (Per.) SPPU, Pune
Face-to-face promotion is the dominant promotion tool for pharmaceutical, medical equipment and biotechnology companies. However, there is a growing level of discomfort with the current selling model. It is incredibly expensive and inefficient. Physicians don’t like it much.
At a time of increasing economic pressures, companies are putting heightened scrutiny on the economics of their selling processes. Investigating new concepts, they find an abundance of new technologies and options. Being blinded by the latest technological
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In return for this, many models ensure doctors are obliged to contact a number of the pharma company’s sales reps a set number of times per month. In this way the timing and duration of the eDetailing session is controlled by doctor. During the eDetailing session, the physician would be able to interact with the sales representative via video and audio in real time. A variance on this approach is a system where only the sales representative is viewed, or only audio and data slides are shown, depending on the wishes of the…show more content…
That doctors have less and less time to spend with detailers is a fact. And as the aging population begins to hit the health care industry hard over the next decade, physician’s schedules will no doubt become even more cramped. To serve a better informed and more technically savvy patient population, doctors focused on improving the patient experience will need access to trusted information about drug indications and interactions at their fingertips. Pharmaceutical companies that view e-Detailing as a service to help improve the way their top-prescribers work will develop strong relationships with doctors by providing options that make their lives
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