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Are you a hobbyist in need of a pipe bending machine, but don’t have enough savings to buy a good quality product? No problem. There are always other solutions that can be considered. One solution is to design and build your own pipe bender. Read on to know more. Planning a Pipe Bending Machine The points below elaborate on the initial planning process to build a pipe bender at home. • Decide on the Aim and Design of the Bender: Before you start looking at equipment, the first thing you need to decide is the purpose of the bender. What kinds of bend will it make? What will the primary manufacturing material be? How big do you want it? Let’s assume that the bender will be designed to create curvatures in steel tubes. The manufacturing material can also be steel, as it provides benefits of…show more content…
• Create the Basic Clamping Device: Take the two 30 mm angled pieces. One piece will be used as the top of the clamp, while the other piece will be the bottom. The top piece should be placed as a turned ‘L’, while the bottom piece should be placed on its edge, resembling a ‘V’ shape. Take the top piece, and cut out a small square or rectangular space at the center of its bottom angle. Drill two holes at the ends of it. Also, drill two holes at the ends in the bottom piece as well. The four holes should align together. • Connect the Angles: Place bolts into the bottom angle holes, ensuring that the threads are facing upwards. Tack the bolt heads to the piece, ensuring that the bolts will not loosen, or fall off. Take the third 500 mm angle, hold it with the tipped edge facing you. Place it in the square space created earlier. Ensure that a small part of it is sticking out at the other end. Then tack the two pieces together. Connect the 300 mm pieces together using the bolts, and secure them with bolt nuts. This will complete the clamping device. Using the Pipe

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