Pollution Essay: Abundance Of The Wastage Of Water

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INTRODUCTION: Water is one of the most essential elements to the world. It is the basic necessity that is the lifeline of humans, animals, environment and it is extremely necessary for survival of all living things. 71% of the Earth comprises of water. It goes in cycle between the inner earth and the atmosphere. Fresh water makes up less than 3% of all the water on earth. Not all the water in the world is drinkable. Water is a valuable resource. However, there is an increased paucity of usable water with the levels of pollution and more so, the immense wastage of water we do and see getting wasted every day. Water is a scare resource in various parts of the world which makes us realize its importance. Fresh water makes up less than 3% of all the…show more content…
• Use a bucket of water. • Use a timer to time your usage of water. • Wash the car on alternate days or once in 3 days. • Avoid usage of hot water for washing cars. It also leads to wastage of electricity. DISCUSSION The most crucial part of the project was to help raise sensibility and awareness in my family about water conservation. Abundance of water has made many like my family very callous about its importance which leads us to severe wastage of water. I tried to sensitize my family towards water conservation. Also I learnt that when I told them about the importance of water and how life would possibly be if it finished, compelled them to think about their water usage and consumption patterns. It helped me also to learn a few things about water: 1) Recycling water helps and will help in the long run 2) Turning off the water conserves water. 3) We should use full load in dishwashers and even washing machines for that matter. 4) Dripping taps should be fixed. It is capable of wasting 15 liters of water a day which amounts to 5,500 liters a year. 5) Investing in water efficient products like showerheads, toilets and dishwashers can help us go a long

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