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Acknowledgments I would like to thank the people who were involved in my project would be my mom and dad who are helping me by buying the materials i need for my project. They also helped me by testing it at home. Table Of Contents Page 1: Statement of Purpose Page 2: Hypothesis Page 3: Research Page 4: Materials Page 5: Procedure Page 6: Observations and Results Page 7: Reference Page Purpose What type of soda will have the highest reactivity to pop rocks? Hypothesis If I put pop rocks in different sodas reacts differently to the soda, then I think certain sodas have more carbonation or sugar. Research Pop Rocks are made of sugar, carbon dioxide, water, and flavoring. They Coca cola 's ingredients are …show more content…

captured gas in the balloon when I added the pop rocks. The diet Coke made 2 by 1 in. captured gas, the least amount of gas when I added the pop rocks to the soda. when I added the pop rocks to the sprite it made 5 by 3 in. of gas captured in the balloon. I 've learned that sprite makes the most gas out of the other two sodas because sprite has citric acid in it and the pop rocks react more to the citric acid in the Sprite. Conclusion The project turned out the way it did because the Sprite has more citric acid in it when the other two sodas don’t have citric acid in them giving the sprite more gas to fill the balloon. Coca-Cola and Diet Coke didn’t react as much as the Sprite did because the the Coca-Cola and Diet Coke don’t have citric acid in them when the Pop Rocks react more with citric acid. I was surprised that the Sprite had the biggest amount of gas because it was a clear soda. I thought the Coca Cola was going to have a bigger amount because it is a dark soda and I thought it would have more gas than it did. I knew the diet coke wouldn 't make a lot of gas. If I could improve my project I would have more of a variety of soda’s and pop

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