Pratibha Short Story

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Manju Kapur stands close to D.H.Lawrance. How penetratingly and keenly she draws the intense fear and guilt of the child Nisha is a matter of pleasant surprise from a modern writer, as even though as a child, she doesn’t eat and sleep well in her own home. Nobody could understand the reason behind her mental disturbance and she is sent to Rupa’s home for a change. Rupa is also suffering from the guilt of not having children after so many years of marriage but the support of her husband and a small business gives her little time to wander over these problems. Rupa and her husband understand that Vicky is responsible for Nisha’s miserable condition; they could do nothing but sympathize. They try to tell her stories from Ramayana and even try…show more content…
Having passed the school education with distinction Nisha steps in the college life with so many dreams and freedom. She joins Durga Bai College. “Higher studies were just a time pass; it was not as though she was going to use her education. Working was out of question, and marriage was around the corner” (home141). Nisha finds her college life adventurous, making her modern and bold in her decisions. In the college, she has the only best friend pratibha, an ambitious girl, who joins NCC programme hoping that this would lead to a Government Job with the police. Pratibha as a new woman also wants to create her own identity and an independent existence in the economic field. Like Nisha, she deserves to be mentioned as active, confident and thorough. On the way to college, Nisha meets Suresh, a student of Khalsa college of Engineering. After their few meetings, Pratibha makes Nisha aware asking the details about suresh i.e. his name, caste, family background etc, and says: “If you are going to be a modern girl have to be thorough” (Home145). Nisha just pretends and says: “You think girl and boy can’t be friends” (home146). She is enough modern in her view. She does not discriminate biologically. To be friends, they are equal
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