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LCP: Primary Source Analysis
Subjects and Themes:
What subjects does your author use in the work(s) you read? 1-3 sentences
In Christine, Stephen King uses the connection between a teenaged boy and his car as the subject of his book. He focuses on friendship, greed, and maturity.
What themes does your author develop with these subjects? 1-3 sentences
King uses the elements of friendship, greed, and maturity to show how people can change with time. These elements weave their way throughout the story, affecting the characters in their choices and actions along the way. As time goes by, Arnie and Dennis mature as greed comes into play, testing their friendship.
What position on these themes does your author assert? 3-6 sentences
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2-4 sentences per work
As the story progresses, Stephen King continues to write Christine in chronological order. To further explain some things, he brings a memoir, in the form of a flashback, into the story. This gives bit of a backstory. He uses memoirs, to take the reader back in time, giving a sort of personal account.
How does the structure compliment the content of the work(s)? 2-4 sentences per work
Because of the flashbacks, things are able to be further explained. The flashbacks give a sort of backstory from a personal perspective.
Technique & Style:
Identify a style or technique the author uses that stands out to you. 1-2 …show more content…

Stephen King writes is a very detailed, yet blunt manner in Christine. With this, the reader is able to see just how much the characters take in, especially Dennis. As the story progresses, Dennis notices just how drastically his best friend is changing. With this, Dennis tries his hardest to stay a true friend.
2. As Arnie’s obsession with Christine increases, his greed becomes more and more of a problem. His character changes rapidly, his greed completely seeping through his soul and tragically affecting his thoughts and actions. Because King uses such vivid imagery and details, the reader is able to see how much Arnie’s mindset and motives change ever since purchasing Christine.
3. Because of the short and sweet style of writing that Stephen King uses in Christine, the reader is able to understand what is going on without finding themselves losing interest halfway through a sentence. He is very blunt in his writing, getting straight to the point, but still giving as much needed specific detail. With this method, the reader is able to see how the characters mature as the story progresses, giving detail to their thoughts and actions without dragging things on for too

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