Prison Management Style Essay

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Management Styles for Prison Solutions
As a prison warden, it is one’s duty to manage and oversee the everyday activities of correctional facility staff, to ensure safety and security of the facility, and to make sure inmates are treated properly (Prison, 2018). A warden’s job is so complex that they are many times aided by assistant wardens, for the purpose of lightening their workloads. Often, they deal with common issues such as food complaints and lack of proper medical care availability. It is important that these types of problems are resolves before they escalate. The Authoritarian, Democratic, and Laissez-faire management style are all management styles that can potentially be a solution to fixing issues within a prison facility. The …show more content…

Everyone in the working environment is pretty much free to operate as they see fit (N.d., 2018). It would seem as if this management style would not be a good method because it lacks a meditator (leader) in the case of an ongoing problem that needs to be resolved. However, it will not negatively affect an environment where staff members are motivated and are capable of addressing issues and improving things on their own. Within the prison facility, there may be very competent cooks and/or medical staff members that are driven and are all for creating an effective system that contributes to treating/feeding the inmates, ensuring that all their needs or met. For example, cooks may want to add a variety foods to the menu that inmates will enjoy or possibility even ask the inmates what that may like to see added to the menu. This is all possible because the cooks have the ability to do as they please.
The purpose of management is to have the presence of some type of structure in a work environment. A prison facility is definitely an environment where structure is necessary. Therefore, management is important and very much needed. The Authoritarian, Democratic, and Laissez management style are all different and all effective depending on the situation. If one style or approach is not successful when resolving and issue, another style is available to eliminate a hostile situation from

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