Private School Is Better Than Private Schools

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Private Schools There has been much discussion on the two types of schools. In Kuwait, people have two options or two types of schools. One of the two types is public schools which are free, and the other one is private school. Private schools are also known as non-governmental schools, and public schools are known as state schools. Nowadays, most of the families in Kuwait are taking their children to private schools, which is good for them. Families discovered that a private school is not only good for the students, but also it is great to the parents. Private school provides challenging educational experiences. Private schools have many advantageous. Some people may claim that public schools are much better than private schools. However, it is argued that because private schools are great in education and better in developing student’s abilities, there is no reason why public schools are better than private schools. First of all, many families claim that private schools are better than public schools because of the great education system. The quality of the education in private schools affects the student’s levels. Private schools in Kuwait are having great teachers and professional ways to teach. Many of the teachers in private schools are not from Kuwait. Comparing between teachers in private and public schools, private school’s teachers are much better than teachers in public schools. The teaching system in private schools is making the student feel happy while
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