Prologue By Shira Monologue

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Prologue By: Alissa Coberly
A female by the name of Shira has to find a way to survive. After losing her kids and her husband she loses all hope. She then tries to escape the Germans. While escaping she meets a child by the name of Rafael. They agree work together and escape. Shira can’t take it anymore and bangs her head against a brick was insisting life to be over.
Shira survives, and she has re-enters into a concentration camp. She decides that life here will be better. Shira gets put into a gas chamber. She is temporarily blind, but she can hear voices and yelling.
Shira and Rafael meet again. She decides to adopt Rafael as one of her own because they had been through the same thing and they need each other. Shira remarries to a Poland soldier. They have on child together. After everything they had all went through, there was always going to be something better to look forward to.
I chose to write about this because I get to make it my own and show what I know about the Holocaust. I get to express my feelings about something so bad through characters in this journal entry. You get to see the horror and the suffering the Jews and others had to go through during this time.
This story has violence and may be hard to read for children. I hope you enjoy my story about a female named Shira who must learn to …show more content…

No one was around. I had no food, no water, nothing. I scavenged for food. I find crumbs from another's bread. I ate it. It was so small, but it tasted as if it were sent from God himself. I walked around the concentration camp. I saw a young boy. He reminded me of my sons. I walked to him. His name is Rafael. As we talked back in the barn, he told me the horror that he has been through. He was gassed, but while he was in there the gasser broke, and he escaped. He was able to tell me that the German soldiers would be back any minute. We tried to get out of the camp, but we were weak and tired. It was painful to

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