Promiscuo Attachment Theory

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My topic of discussion for this paper is about a teenage African American female who is in a perpetual family cycle of limited education, poverty, and an extended amount of family at a young age. This paper will deal with social issues that warrant the urgent involvement of social services and display a prime example of why and how certain similar characteristics may go unnoticed for extended periods of time. In this paper we will discuss her insecure attachments starting from childhood, her neurobiology, and some diversity issues that she may face growing up. As social workers, our primary objective is to enhance the quality of life and enable the maximization of an individual’s social functioning capacity. These individuals are usually facing a variety of difficulties that prevent them from achieving their full potential. Left unchecked or unresolved, these challenges often encourage a trend in the opposite direction leading them to partake in reckless activities that may endanger their lives. Introduction of the case The client is a 14 year old African American female who resides in a foster home. She has difficulty with sleep and communication concerns. The foster parent reports that the client may be …show more content…

Attachment theory focuses on the idea that a person can have an emotional bond with someone that goes beyond distance and time. (Bretherton, 1992, p. 762) Also attachment theory says that the attachment does not have to be reciprocated. Bowlby’s basic idea was that a child has a tie to its main caregiver (mother), with a focus on the social, emotional and cognitive development of the child. (Bretherton, 1992, p. 762) And Ainsworth expanded on Bowlby’s theory to include infants and their ability to explore the world securely. Some of the characteristics of attachment theory are seeking shelter or help from the attachment when feeling threatened or vulnerable. (Bretherton, 1992, p.

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