Pros And Cons Of Breast Reduction Surgery

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Things To Know About Breast Reduction Surgery

Summary: Breast reduction surgery is a blessing for women who are tired of their saggy and large breasts. If you’re considering this breast surgery then you should consult your surgeon first to be clear about all the pros and cons of this cosmetic surgical procedure. Here are some points that can help you to understand breast reduction surgery in a better way.

Main Content: Breast reduction surgery is done to eliminate surplus skin and breast tissue to attain aesthetic breasts which are in proportion of the whole body. Breast reduction surgery is in fact the best available solution to reduce the discomfort and physical issues related to extremely big and saggy breasts. In this cosmetic surgical procedure, after the skin and breast tissue is taken off, the nipple is repositioned at a better place on the breasts, making them more attractive.

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Whilst uncommon, full loss of feeling or sensation in nipples can manifest because of nerve damage. This might hinder with breast-feeding and sexual arousal. Less than 5% of women who underwent this surgery have reported a loss of sensation or feeling in their nipples.

Risk and challenges are attached with any surgery. Although uncommon, changes in skin sensation, poor healing, skin loss, slow healing, abnormal scarring, excessive bleeding, infection, nerve or muscle injury, can occur. In few cases, loss of nipple can also occur, but it’s a rare thing and can be avoided by choosing the best surgeon available for the surgery.

The good news is that all most all such situations can be cured and corrected with additional surgeries. Before choosing breast reduction surgery, you need to understand the risk associated with the surgery. Consult your cosmetic surgeon in detail before undergoing any cosmetic surgery to know its advantages and disadvantages.

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