Pros And Cons Of Free College Tuition

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The cost of college tuition is an enormous problem now days. For a long time, the subject never got brought up and today things are changing. Students study hard and try their best to get that college acceptance letter from their dream college. Students all around the world are struggling with college debt and trying their hardest to receive those so-called ‘perfect’ grades. However, college tuition is not very affordable and is increasing every year. A free college tuition is definitely necessary for students because some are paying for college themselves, the college workload is stressful enough, and scholarships, grants, and financial aid doesn’t cover all costs. College tuition should be free because it would create positive changes for people attending college, universities, and the economy. First, most students are paying for their own tuition themselves because either they want to be independent and do so, or because their parents have made that decision for them. According to Newberry, the average cost a year of undergraduate studies at a private university now tops $21,000. He said, “multiply that by four years, then by two or three children.” (85) Now that is an eye opener, for one student to take on a four-year college degree they would owe around $84,000 and that is a copious amount of money. When students have to pay for their own tuition some are juggling school work on top of a job so they can pay off student loans while going to school. Free college tuition

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