Pros And Cons Of Ponyboy From The Outsiders

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Should Ponyboy from the Outsiders go to a foster care? Ponyboy should go to foster care! He would not be jumped or be in rumbles all the time. He will also have a father and mother to take care of him and love him. Ponyboy's brothers are always gone going partying or working all the time. Ponyboy would come home from school and see Darry or Sodapop getting ready for work then leaving and being gone for the rest of the day but they come back when he is usually sleeping. Foster care is the best option for Ponyboy. When he is there he will be fed three times a day, and he will have his own bed to sleep in. He will not be in fights all the time and get jumped by random people. Ponyboy can learn and not get fun of because when he was

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