Pros And Cons Of Robots

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Humans are exceptionally smart and lazy beings. With that said, we often use our intelligence to decrease our workload and make our lives easier. The majority of people believe that automation refers to giant dumb robots that are very expensive, specialized, and will often require a human in control of it. However, as the age of technology advances, these automations advance as well. In fact, we will soon transition into the age of automations which will be putting a large portion of the economy at risk due to robots replacing humans in the workplace. From construction workers to software engineers, robots will soon be able to stand in for humans in both of those jobs and all those in between. If robots and automations are successful at replacing humans, our unemployment rate will plummet and make The Great Depression seem like the golden age. To begin, there are already many jobs that have been replaced…show more content…
First, although robots can be programmed to handle a wide variety of different scenarios, it’s extremely difficult to create a robot that can account for everything. This means that if a terrorist bombing happened in the middle of the road, most self-driving cars wouldn’t know how to react. However, this can easily be countered by having a supervisor manage the network and account for these unique occurrences. Hackers can also cause major mayhem if the software isn’t properly firewalled. If people can take down an entire network of bots, lives will be lost. Obviously the solution to this is simple but implementation is difficult. Having a safe and secure network is easier said than done. Finally, initial implementation will be slow and costly. Robots aren’t cheap but they are a huge investment if we compare them to human workers. While still very expensive and specialized, there will soon be a day in the near future where robots become much more versatile and
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