Pros And Cons Of The Berlin Wall

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‘A wall is a hell of a lot better than a war! What was President John. f Kennedy thinking?! Obviously, I mean a wall is surely not going to kill anyone, separate families, and it probably won’t be effect on anyone else as well. I mean, it’s not that difficult to think about people, it’s just wall, we all know what its function is? built for security, to keep people out! Unless we are talking about a particular type of wall, there’s defensive walls, protective walls, and retaining walls. So there couldn’t possibly be a problem with any type of wall right? But wait there is one wall that I have forgotten, the most important one that all east Berliners separated from the rest…. And that’s the wall of china. Only joking, how could I forget guys, one of the most important walls that was built in history was the Berlin Wall. …show more content…

Many people just saw the Berlin wall as this large concrete barrier that kept the east Berliner’s from entering the west side of the wall. However, there was more than the obvious that everyone saw and even what we just hear about in today’s time. If we had to go back to President Kennedy’s statement and analyze the term wall and war, one would actually find that both these terms have a lot of similarities. For example, the word war, one would immediately think of guns or weapons, militants, tanks, and no man’s land. The list goes on and on. The term war also reminds us of how it spilt families apart and actually lead a lot of people to live in fear and depression because of the affects it had on people. war also reminds us of how many people actually passed on before us and how it absolutely wrecked people

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