Pros And Cons Of The Citizenship Of Undocumented Citizens

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Do you know what it’s like to want to start fresh? To pretend like what happened yesterday could be forgotten tomorrow? That is what the 11 million immigrants who currently live in America wanted, and what those who haven’t made it here yet only dream of. In order to give everyone the same opportunities to start a new life, we first need to be accepting of every person, documented or not. Undocumented residents should get a path to citizenship because families will be torn apart without it, because immigrants help improve the economy, and because this is a country of immigrants.

One important reason that undocumented residents deserve a path to citizenship is that families will be torn apart. According to Senator Charles Schumer, Upfront Magazine, 2016, “The status quo is unsustainable. Without reform, our immigration laws threaten to tear apart families and force our government to expend resources to deport millions.” What Senator Schumer is saying here is that deporting millions is not only tearing young children away from their parents, tearing …show more content…

As spoken by Gilder Lehrman, “Throughout American history, millions of people around the world have left their homelands for a chance to start a new life in this country—and they continue to come here to this day.” What is meant by this is that immigrants have traveled to the U.S to start fresh with a new life throughout the history of the world, and we must continue this tradition. Others might say that we could simply start a new tradition and begin to deport all undocumented immigrants. But this argument is flawed. There are more than 11 million immigrants living in the United States today and to deport them all would not only be extremely difficult, but it would also be destroying the structure of our country. This is the final reason why undocumented immigrants should get a path to

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