Pros And Cons Of The Golden Era Of Hip Hop

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90’s Hip Hop Vs. Hip Hop Today

The 1990’s are often regarded as the ‘Golden Era Of Hip Hop’. Introducing arguably two of the biggest rappers of all time The Notorious B.I.G and Tupac Shakur. With them spear heading this era there were other stars like Snoop Dogg, Warren G, Wu- Tang Clan, Public Enemy, Lauryn Hill, A Tribe Called Quest, and many more. Even the entrepreneurs we know now like Jay Z, Puff Daddy, and Dr. Dre all got catapulted into their superstar status as a result of this Era. This era had so much influence on pop culture that it’s impact can still be seen today, in the playlists of kids born too late to experience it.

The Enthusiast of the Golden Era often ridicule and bash the hip hop that is made today. They believe there
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Of course for an era to receive the name of “The Golden Era” it has to have had very impressive accomplishments and trophies in its holster. As mentioned it brought us two of the most popular rappers of all time, and spoke out on many issues prevalent in America’s poverty stricken neighborhoods. Many artists exposed the police department for racially profiling, often harassing, and in some cases brutalizing young African American male and females. This subject elevated 90’s hip hop to another level with the public trial of the officers involved in the 1992 beating of Los Angeles taxi driver Rodney King on camera. This was a part of everyday life for a young black man prior to this event, but this event allowed the whole country to finally see that what was being rapped about was true. Many rappers of this era also talked about the government’s unwillingness to provide support to the lower income areas where minorities live. Not only would they state the problem, they would speak on what needs to happen for the advancement of these neighborhoods. However these high points of rap music weren’t exclusive to the 90’s, in fact some artist of the early 2000’s like Kanye West, Common, and Mos Def did this quite well, and even today this trend

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