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Jim Murphy proudly said “I write narrative nonfiction, creating lively scenes through action and the use of quotes from firsthand accounts, all based on rigorous research. If I say a character leaned against a fence on a windy day, then I have at least two sources to back up these details.” This one quote beautifully summarizes my paper which will discuss the need for accuracy in narrative non-fiction. Narrative is a form of storytelling. It is a technique that produces a visceral need in the reader’s mind to want to know what happens next. It is a way to present thoughts and events in a coherent and logical manner which makes it fascinating to listen and read. The stories do not have to be chronologically arranged and sometimes breaking it up into parts draws the reader into the storyline even more. A narrative differs from traditional storytelling in that it follows a theme and not chronology. In most cases, narratives require a classic character or a …show more content…

Narrative non- fiction I think can be described as the perfect intersection between storytelling and journalism. Creative non-fiction, Gonzo Journalism, The Fourth Genre and Literary Journalism are some of the other names that the narrative non-fiction genre is referred by. This genre has existed for a long time, from Montaigne and his essays in the 1500’s to the World War II book, ‘Hiroshima’. Narrative non-fiction generally ties "narrative telling with poetic techniques; Combines portraiture and self-reflection with reportage and critical analysis" (Root). It is "based on actual events, characters, and places; it is written with a special concern for language; and it tends to be moreinformalandpersonalthanothertypesofnon-fictionwriting"(Lacey)Itisperhapsthe most difficult form of writing as it attempts to make interesting storylines out of real people. As

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