Psychological Disorders: A Psychological Analysis

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deserves attention, consensus dissolves around how to respond to the problem. This paper reviews the different aspects of psychological issues that cause people to take their own lives. Also giving examples of psychological therapy that is used in order to prevent people from committing such a tragic act.

Nearly 800,000 lives are ended by suicide each year around the world. That is not including those who have attempted it. It 's hard to believe that after so many years and lives lost that its still an epidemic. The age range usually stays between fourteen to eighty-five years old. As for the gender, men are said to have a higher rate of four times more to likely commit suicide then women. Race and ethnicity is a little harder to determine …show more content…

Physical, Sexual, Verbal abuse have all been key factors for people to go into depression. These types of abuse cause people trauma, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress. Many who have experienced any of these types of abuse have to live with a lifetime of shame. Most people who go through such events never speak up; instead they keep it themselves. Those are usually the people who end up with depression, addictions, and dissociative disorders and most likely become suicidal. I have a relative who experienced molestation and now finds it hard to enjoy her life. She has had trust issues and finds it hard to be in a relationship. They have also found self-inflicted wounds on her arms from attempts of suicide. If she only would have mentioned this to someone sooner she would have probably received help sooner. Speaking up and having someone to explain your situation will help and stop it from lasting so long. There was an article online which stated "stress experienced early in life has detrimental consequences on brain development, including brain regions involved in cognitive function" (Hynes, Lauren. E Nov 2011). Delaying the developmental process causes a lifelong chain effect in depression. It 's like a drug the more you take the deeper you get into it, making it harder to stop. This brings me to my next subject playing a factor in depression and suicide; …show more content…

Suicide is when someone takes their own life. It is a psychological problem, which is usually brought on by depression. The factors mentioned in this paper were abuse, drugs, and death. These are not the only factors that play a role, but these are the ones that are usually the cause. Abuse can prevent developmental growth and create relationship and trust issues. Drugs can alter the mind and prevent people from thinking logically and be a depressant. Finally death can leave someone feeling alone and guilty. Depression can be a down spiral of all these things or it can be a simple problem. When people don 't know how to handle the situation and feel they cant go to someone that 's when suicide to them

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