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My interest in Psychology began during the GCSE course when studying aggression. The nature-nurture debate we had in class when discussing the causes of aggression left me both excited and intrigued into the human psyche. I developed a deeper interest during Psychology AS when studying abnormality, looking at the causes of mental illnesses. Several approaches were covered when debating which we believed to be true, leaving me more fascinated than ever about the nature-nurture debate. This interest has left me with a desire to become a clinical psychologist; diagnosing and treating those with mental health problems excites me as well as being involved in improving the way mental health is dealt with, clinically and socially. Volunteering at Beavers’ has given me experience in organising and communicating with younger people whilst also supervising them in activities, making sure they are safe. In addition, my work experience at a primary school allowed me to engage with children, improving my empathetic skills and giving me an insight into what working with young children could entail in the field of clinical psychology. …show more content…

Diving straight into learning more, I researched lectures, talks and journals about the psyche. I came across the Reith Lectures by VS Ramachandran; 5 lectures on ‘The Emerging Mind’, the most fascinating about synaesthesia and its link with genes and brain structure, the nature side of the debate. ‘The Psychologist’ allows me to keep up to date with studies into the psyche and current research and discoveries in the mind, cementing my passion for

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