Psychology Theology And Spirituality In Christian Counseling Summary

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4Mat Review: Psychology, Theology, and Spirituality in Christian Counseling Randy Bohon
Liberty University


In the majority of McMinn’s (2011) book, Psychology, Theology, and Spirituality in Christian Counseling, he writes about the importance of Scripture, prayer, confession, sin, forgiveness, and redemption in the life of a Christian, and how these areas are important foundational elements in Christian counseling.
McMinn’s (2011) book provides a very good resource for Christian counselors through McMinn’s coverage of both counseling and the life of Christian Counselors. McMinn (2011) begins his book by including a section by James Wilhoit concerning religion in counseling. This section of the book relates to the significance of the Christian faith and its use in counseling. This book section also covers some of the challenges of utilizing religion in counseling sessions, and how the counselor can address those challenges. This first chapter presents the reader with insight, while refreshingly not focusing on the psychology and theology relationship often mentioned in other writings. …show more content…

In the third, and my favorite chapter of McMinn’s (2011) book, he writes on the subject of prayer. McMinn (2011) states that prayer is the main element of growth in the life of the counselor and his or her client, and how the counselor must have a healthy prayer life of his or her own in order to effectively utilize prayer in counseling. However, McMinn stresses that it is extremely important in how the counselor introduces prayer into the therapy sessions,

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