Puma Case Study

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Company profile Puma In 1948 PUMA Schuhfabrik Rudolf Dassler was founded by Rudolf Dassler. In a short time after the creation this brand, company has successfully developed in a football boots production. Nowadays Puma produces sport clothes and shoes, and has been diversified in different kinds of sport, like football, basketball, running. The firm is one of the leading producers of football shoes and has sponsored a huge amount of famous football player. Since 1996 Puma has been expanding its activities in the United States and since 2007 it is a part of French group Kering (The PPR group before 2013). This consolidation has made Puma’s position stronger and company continues to expand globally. (Puma, 2015) History of rivalry Brothers Rudolf and Adolf Dassler became world famous not only because of they have created two globally recognized brands Adidas and Puma, but also because of their life-long rivalry, which led to innovation and developing the whole sport shoes and clothing industry. (Smit, 2008) Rudolf and Adolf (Rudi and Adi) were born in a small town Herzogenaurach, known for manufacturing and weaving. Their father, Christoph, worked in a shoe factory and their mother had her own laundry business at home. When the World War I started Rudi went to fight for Germany and younger brother Adi stayed at home to help family in laundry business until he also joined German Army almost in the end of war. After coming home from the war Adi helped family during hard
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