Quality Influence On Consumer Quality

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When customers come to the choice of quality, they prefer to check workmanship. If it is high and really carefully made, they think that product is reliable. Quality can be defined broadly as superiority or excellence. Quality is one of the main factors that could influence on consumer perceived values. To check the understanding of quality customer, there are lots of factors that could influence on consumer perceived value however in this thesis quality was chosen as a one of the factors. When consumers make a decision on purchasing, consumers’ perceptions of the quality of the brand would be expected to be involved. If there were no brands, consumer’s first choice could be product’s quality. Checking whether quality is influences on consumer’s…show more content…
When consumers are purchasing the brand item, they prefer to double-check the price with another brand. Moreover, price decreases encourage consumers to attempt new products and make the decisions about the purchasing faster. For those consumers who have a higher perception of price, the amount of money they have to pay is the key factor in decision-making process. Decreasing their costs means increasing their perceived value. It is easy for consumers to understand that the price will increase if they miss the promotion. Meanwhile, low price of the product may make consumers feel that the product is very reasonable. Therefore, price promotions may result in raising the perceived value of the product or service and having an influence on consumers’ buying intention. So, the thesis propose…show more content…
These studies suggest that the stage of country’s development affect consumers’ attitudes towards products (Wong, Polonsky & Garma 2008) COO with a strong brand might dilute or overcome the effect of COO in evaluating less complex products like fashion clothing. It would also be useful to consider whether the effect could vary across relationship between independent variables and dependent variable, as suggested by some researchers (Liefeld 1993; Ahmed & d’Astous 2001, 2004). Hence, the following hypothesis is formulated for testing: Hypothesis 4: The relationship between quality and consumer perceived value is moderated by country of origin positively. As mentioned in the earlier hypothesis, the researcher proposed that there is a positive relationship between price and consumer perceived value. However if this relationship is moderated by COO what could be happened. Consumer’s perceived value to the product can increase or decrease. For example if there is high developed country or has a good economic, consumers have expect that from those country’s products price could be expensive and high. According to the check this hypothesis here is what the researcher

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