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Every chemical substances can absorbs, transmits and reflects certain amount of light call as electromagnetic radiation over a certain range of wavelength. Spectrophotometry is a method to measure how much a chemical compound absorbs light by measuring the intensity of the light beam passes through the sample solution. Spectrophotometry is widely used in many quantitative analysis in various areas such as in biology, chemistry, physics related fields. For example, in chemistry, this method is applied to determine the concentration of the unknown sample by measuring the absorbance of the sample and then using proper calculation to find the concentration of the unknown sample. A spectrophotometer is an instrument used for spectrophotometry that measures the amount of the intensity of light absorbed by the sample solution.

A spectrophotometer is used in spectrophotometry to measure the light absorbance of a certain chemical substances. Concentration of a certain substances can be measured by determining the extent of absorption of light at the appropriate wavelength. Every substance absorbs
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These selectors allow only a specific desired monochromatic light to pass through and reach the detector. It consist of mainly 3 parts which is the entrance slit, exit slit and dispersion device. Dispersion devices cause a different wavelength of light to be dispersed at an angle monochromator used. There are a few types of dispersion devices mainly prism, filter and diffraction gratings. Prism is used to isolate different wavelength; Filter separate different parts of the electromagnetic spectrum by absorbing or reflecting certain wavelengths and transmitting other wavelengths; Diffraction gratings splits light into several beams and acts as a dispersive element depend on the wavelength of the

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