Quebec Referendum Research Paper

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If Quebec Referendum was successful, Quebec would not be able prosper as a country.
Québec is filled with breathtaking sites, waterfalls and more, beoming it’s own country would just destroy itself if it separated. Québec is a growing country with a bright future, it has much to offer to the world, this is not possible if Québec is having troubles being its own country. If Quebec became a country, it would be chaos. Quebec as a new country will have to start fresh in this growing and complicated world. Quebec wouldn’t succeed as a country because it will have an unstable or no economy at all, as well Quebec will have to make a government of their own and lastly they would have no means of seld defence. Québec would have a hard time being a country without considering these facts for the future of it’s citizens. Separating from a large country such as Canada has many consequences. One of the major consequences of separating from a country is the economy. The economy has to be …show more content…

Government is the heart of the country without it people would run wild over society. Without government there is no reasonable civilization and there has to be rules, regulations and laws to govern. Québec as a country will have to build a government, that is sustainable, it would also have to listen to its people while it has laws to keep the people safe. Knowing all the negative effects that québec separating from Canada would have most of the people would want to leave. This would cause a drop in Québec’s population. The consequences of Québec 's population drop would lowers the amount of tax money the government receives. This being the government would not be able to pay the education, healthcare and amount safety the people receive. The population with decreased because only about 49% of people in Québec wish to separate the rest of opposed separation. This means about 30% of the population would leave Québec. A failed government and population lost would leave québec in

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