Quotes From The Outsiders

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The greasers, the group of boys in the novel the outsiders are outsiders to the rest of society but they are insiders to the members of their own group. What keeps them together is there loyalty to each other when they are being attacked. If they weren’t attacked so often they would not need to form such a tight group. The problem is that there group gives them courage and a sense of belonging but mostly wrecks their chances of a happy and satisfying life.
In the outsiders, the group ‘The Greaser’ are the outsiders to the rest of society. The name that the outsider boys have “greasers” shows that they aren’t as wealthy as others. The outsider boys are family to each other both literary and figuratively. There is a gang near the outsider neighbourhood called the Socials also known as the “Soc”. There are gang wars between these two gangs that will probably never end. The way the greasers are outsiders in society is that they are always there for their gang members. “Dally hated to do things the legal way” (2). This quote shows the audience that the greaser Dally (the tough one) does illegal things to get through life, which then influences the rest of …show more content…

The greasers live in a terrifying neighbourhood and there is a lot of violence. When most of these greaser were at school when they were younger they were smart but because they have older siblings or friends they got influenced to do the same thing by protecting their gang and their neighbourhood. “I'm supposed to be smart; I make good grades and have a high IQ and everything, but I don't use my head. Besides, I like walking”. Pony's showing a couple of different kinds of intelligence, educational intelligence and common sense. He's trying to even out the two as he outlooks his own desires, such as handling a range of social situations such as street fights or when he is on his

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