Quotes In Montana 1948

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The choices you make will always have consequences and those consequences can always affect your most loved ones in the novel Montana 1948 , the Hayden's boys take advantage of their last name, the choices that Frank the doctor of Bentrock made ends ups leading a big events of family problems, the event that happened that summer in that small town will forever hunt David childhoods and the Hayden's family. There is sometimes a person that can no longer remain loyal even to a family member. Wesley the sheriff of the county who loves his brother a lot and had a lot of respect for him, he couldn’t remain loyal to his brother because of the crime he had committed, he had to arrest his own brother " Franks down there..." (109) Wes finally arrest his brother frank after doing research and finding out the crimes he has committed this event causes a lot of drama in the family and breaks down the loyalty they have had for years, this shows how a person has a certain point of which they can remain loyal, and people keeping secrets away from someone can make this

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