Ranga Shankara Cupid Analysis

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Headline: Ranga Shankara plays cupid for Basheer and Jameela Percy Crowther Basheer, Jameela, Muthapan, Ettukaali, Bhargavikutty, Saraama and Mookan came alive at the Bhargavi Nilayam during a performance at Ranga Shankara. These men and women relived my own experience of reading Basheer’s play and presented a throwback to my childhood. Now I thought: May a thunderbolt strike – the famous dialogue that one encounters in Basheer’s The World Renowned Nose. At the Bhargavi Nilayam, the gramophone and cassettes – a pile of plates, the Mangosteen tree, the well, the wall/the curtains and the arm chair were all awaiting Basheer and his characters. Initially at the residence we meet Ettukaali, a short, stout man with pot belly who is known after the aforementioned nickname which means “Spider” in local parlance. He proceeds to engage with the audience…show more content…
These Jumbos, immigrated in large numbers from Muthumalai Tiger Reserve and Bandipur National Park, headed to the Wayanad forest areas in search of nutrient-rich soil. Due to droughts, herds of elephants immigrated from the nearby rainforests, came back again this year to have their fill of nutrients. "The nutrients and other essential minerals for these massive creatures are gradually lost in the long run and have to be replenished successfully. These Jumbos chomp through a bit of this soil to enrich them with natural nutrients as well as to meet the requirements of the changing seasons, which is unfeasible otherwise", says V. K. Suresh, a Forester of Muthanga Range. The former DFO, Sathish Williams says, "this is also the time when the elephants give birth to their young ones. June, July and August are the months that are marked as their gestational period. The return back to their habitats from Muthanga and Tholpetty will be characterised by new young members in their

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