Rap Music: The Rap Plague

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The Rap Plague The world of hip-hop would invite you to believe that rap music provides a poetic way to communicate one’s life experiences through music. In some ways this could be true, but what do you hear that sounds very poetic to you? Every day, people all around the world are listening to music. Music has become a big part in today’s society. From the time we are in our mother’s wombs, music begins to play a large role in our development. Like a sponge, children are influenced by everything in their surroundings, including the music they listen to. For a long time, some kids ' TV utilized the blend of words, music, and quick paced activity to accomplish learning. Many parents worry about what their children see and what type of music their children listen to. However, as children develop, parents give careful consideration to the music and features that catch their children’s interests and captures their attention. Exposing children to different genres of music expands their knowledge and helps them begin to formulate what types of music they begin to relate to. Music gives children a chance to get away from what’s going on in their young lives. It is completely normal for teenagers to feel the need to use music as a distraction to block out their surroundings and allow them to focus on what inspires them. There is, however, a concern with the negative and damaging topics of hip hop and rap. Worried parents can help their children by paying careful consideration on

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