Reaction Time Experiment

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Concentration of acid and reaction time

In this experiment, I’m going to find out the relationship between concentration (mole) of acid and carbonate’s reaction.

If the concentration of acid is stronger, then the film canister will pop (react) faster. Because the concentration of Sodium carbonate is always same in my experiment, so the factor that changes the volume of carbon dioxide is concentration of Hydrochloric acid. If the concentration gets bigger, the proportion of acid gets bigger, which means there are more particles (molecule) that will bond with other particles (molecule). For this experiment, the proportion to get a CO2 is 2HCl+Na2CO3 = CO2.., which is 2+ Na2CO3 : 1. So as the mole of hydrochloric acid is bigger, there will be
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Before you start put safety goggles and lab coat on. With balsa wood make a launcher sticking by glue with the angle of 30 degree. Use protractor to measure angle. In film canister put 20ml of 2mole Hydrochloric acid, which is measured by beaker. On the paper towel, put 1 gram of sodium carbonate, which is measured by electronic scale. After step 3, insert paper towel with sodium carbonate between cap and film canister. Put the film canister from step 5 on to the launcher made by balsa wood. Make film canister upside down with on to the launcher. Start the timer as soon as you make film canister upside down. After film canister pop, finish the timer and record it. Clean up the mixture of hydrochloric acid and sodium carbonate and glass rod. Repeat step 2 to 9, 5 times. In beaker put 15 ml of 2mole Hydrochloric acid, which is measured by beaker. In beaker from step 11 put 5 ml of distilled water, which is measured by cylinder. With the glass rod stir beaker in step 12. Repeat step 4 to 9. Repeat step 11 to 14, 5 times. In beaker put 10ml of 2mole Hydrochloric acid, which is measured by

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