Difference Between Acid And Base Titration

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Chemical Engineering School of Engineering and Physical Sciences FIRST YEAR LABORATORY REPORT COVER SHEET Name: Farid Mustafayev Experiment Title: Acids and Basis: Determination of Concentration Using Titration Date of Experiment: Demonstrator: Sevda Zargarova Supervisor: Ziyafaddin Asadov Contents …show more content…

The experiment consisted of four main parts and in each part given acids and bases were different compared to previous one in terms of their strengths and weakness. In each reaction between the different type of acid and base we had unknown variables and to identify one of them the graph which represented dependence of pH of mixture on added substance was plotted. This graph allowed us to find out the volume of added substance in the equilibrium point. the equilibrium point of reaction is the point where the amount of base added was exactly the correct amount to have the moles of base completely react with the moles of acid and pH becomes 7 which represents neutralized environment. Since there is a 1:1 stoichiometry in the chemical reaction, as we know that for every one molecule of base that was needed to react with one molecule of acid. So the moles of bases and acids become same and as a result we can obtain equation which is given below to figure out unknown concentration of acid. C_acid*V_acid=C_base*V_base Finally, the obtained results from experiment compared with the theoretical values to sure from the punctuality of

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