Reading And Reading: The Importance Of Reading

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Reading is obviously one of the most crucial skills and activities in any educational setting, especially in language classes. This importance is partially due to regarding reading not only as a great origin of information and an enjoyable activity, but also as a channel of reinforcing and boosting one’s knowledge of the language (Rivers, 1981).
Reading comprehension skills, according to Sanders (2001), separate the "passive" and not skillful readers from the "active" ones. Skilled readers do not merely read; they have interactions with the text. Skilled readers, for instance, anticipate what is about to take place next in a story with the use of hints given in the text, devise questions about the main idea, message, or plot of the text,and monitor understanding of the sequence, context, or characters (Sanders, 2001). Numerous pupils that fight to learn how to read and become active readers are able, with proper guidance, to take care of their primary reading difficulties of becoming accurate decoders (Adams, 1990).
Adams (1990) described good comprehenders as fluent readers. Therefore, in order to comprehend better as to be a fluent reader, learners need to see the text formed and arranged in such a way that simply can be interpreted, and which is indicative of the relationships amid its ideas and concepts.
Tracing back to 1972, a research was carried out at Cornell University by Novak and Gowin, that children’s scientific conceptual change processes were directed to

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