Reasons To Blame For Neil's Death

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A lot of people can be blamed for Neil’s death. Oh, it was his unsupportive dad. Oh, it was the new English teacher, Keating, who filled his head with rubbish. Oh, it was Neil’s fault; he was the one who pulled the trigger. Well, I lean more to the side that states Neil did it. Neil’s death was the ending of events created by Neil. The factors during these events became the reason as to why he killed himself. These reasons technically caused the death, but he was the one who gave in. Neil believed in the English teacher’s philosophy way too much. He also couldn’t handle stressful situation effectively, causing more problems he couldn’t deal with. Neil took Keating’s philosophy too far. It’s good to be inspired by people,…show more content…
He doesn’t correctly deal with situations. He continuously made them worse. It’s either he gets to do what he wants to do, or there is no other route or option he can take. He refused to talk to his dad multiple times, because he choked. He lied to Keating about talking to his dad, which made things worse when he went behind his dad’s back. He doesn’t think about the problems at hand. He makes split-second decisions. This caused multiple problems to encase his life. Neil didn’t learn, at any point, to think about the problem. Instead he though his only option was to kill himself. While I empathize with him, I know I would be depressed in his situation, but I would seek help. Perhaps if Neil got help and talked with an unbiased person about his problems, he would have had a better state of mind. To summarize, Neil is the main person at fault. Yes, there are many factors, like Keating, that contribute to his suicide. But, having a curveball thrown at you doesn’t usually end up in suicide. Neil may have been depressed, because his choice of suicide was too spontaneous and easy. Either he was thinking about it for a while, or he really needed to sit down and think things
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