Reasons Why Washington's Army Faced At Valley Forge

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Over the past few days we have been learning about the hard, rough times Washington 's army faced at Valley Forge in the winters of 1777 and 1778. Now I ask would you have quit? Yes I would have left Washington in an instance and ran straight back to Virginia or North Carolina anywhere away from there. Here are a few of the many reasons why I would quit. The main reason over all the problems would be that the Continental army was already out numbered but more than half were sick and dying. I 'm a very good math person so I 'm always running numbers through my head and thinking of the odds and Washington 's army didn 't have the best odds you could easily tell more than half of them were sick and that 's a lot more than is usual for an army. At any point the British could come and attack us and they would easily win. My second reason is the food shortage and limitation. I have to eat every so often because i 'm always hungry, Washington 's …show more content…

My final and third reason is the bad weather and poor living conditions. There was always cold weather and never a bright sunshine, you never had good clothes to keep you warm for the weather many people didn 't even have shoes.They said some people when they walked around in the snow, barefoot their feet cracked and there were bloody footprints everywhere. They didn 't have the best quartering either all they had was a simple, tiny, log cabin with no air conditioner or ventilation. It was always smoky like in them and probably as cold as it was outside. My final thoughts on staying or leaving are simple, I 'm leaving, no matter what were down in numbers, people are getting sick and dying, the food is running out and I 'm starving. Don 't even forgot about the terrible clothes provided and the bloody feet and small beds. There 's no way any of us have hope anymore this is like living in jail not the army. To win a battle you need hope and I 'm leaving for the good of our team because i 've lost hope and this

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