Reduce Pollution In The House Of The Scorpion

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If you had just been told that you are now the lord of an entire country and you could do anything you want with it, what would you do? In the book “House of the Scorpion” by Nancy Farmer, the main character Matt gets control of a whole country called opium which was originally controlled by a drug lord. The surrounding areas in Opium are very polluted with waste and filled with trash too. I would start a program to help reduce the pollution in the river and the wasteland, this way the reduced pollution could help save lives and bring back more animals and vegetation. The first reason why we should clean up the pollution in opium is that it could save lives and increase life expectancy for humans. The pollution weakens some people who are exposed to it and it could even be deadly so if we clean it up then more lives would be saved. In the book it states how Matt collapsed at the river because the smell triggered his asthma, it also states that the eejits sometimes had to be moved from the pens because the pollution would make the air still with no oxygen. This tells the reader that pollution is …show more content…

Because of the pollution, most of the plants in the surrounding area wither and it kills the animals in the water. Without vegetation, oxygen can’t be created and that will lead to humanity’s downfall. The author states that In the eejit pens, the area is so polluted that sometimes there's no oxygen in the air and it becomes still because of this the eejits sometimes sleep in the fields so they don’t suffocate. This information helps inform us that polluted air can be deadly. This also tells us that maybe there aren't any plants or vegetation producing oxygen in that area and that's why the air goes still. Plants and vegetation are mandatory to human survival and will impact the earth dramatically if they were to all

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