How To Prevent Sleep Paralysis

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Running head: Sleep paralysis Sleep paralysis and the mind Dylan Bogus Medina County Career Center Mrs. Howard Sleep Paralysis and the Mind Dylan Bogus The brain goes through many forms of emotions when experiencing sleep paralysis. Your mind is in a state of paralyzation, which many people do not like. There are many medications to help prevent sleep paralysis, but how does sleep paralysis affect a person’s brain, and can it be harmful? There are a few forms of sleep paralysis, and one of them is predominate sleep paralysis. Predominant sleep paralysis is the paralyzation of the body and can affect hallucination. You will sometimes experience the hallucinations in the middle…show more content…
Sleep paralysis is completely harmful, and will bring absolutely no danger to you, only frighten you. “Sleep paralyzation only temporarily paralyzes you, and you will always end up escaping the feeling”. (“Can you die from sleep paralysis? The surprising truth.) It takes time to overcome this fenomena, sometimes lasting seconds, to ,minutes. Sleep paralysis is even harmless enough, that there are people that like to do it on purpose, to experience the different feeling, and the strange visuals. Sources even show that it is not possible to die from sleep paralysis, yet there have not been any deaths recorded from it, and “there is no way to really study if someone can die from it. “ (Can you die from sleep paralysis? The truth…show more content…
The people who experience sleep paralysis more than once, usually have it more than usual. Having sleep paralysis more than once can be very scary, and cause extreme stress or paranoia. Some people do not take the time to research this unusual event, and choose to deal with the effects of sleep paralysis. If you take your time to research sleep paralysis, you may come across “cures” for it. These “cures” aren't permanent, but they are temporary, and will likely numb the chance of experiencing sleep paralysis. Some causes for sleep paralysis could be not getting enough sleep, because when the body is weak and cannot function that well, it decides to “have a mind of its own” , resulting in very unusual things to happen. Simple things like laying on your side, or drinking some tea can easily prevent sleep paralysis. (Sleep paralysis

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