Reflection Of Maxwell's The Five Levels Of Leadership

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Definition of Leadership is inspiring and motivating people and helps them to achieve their goal. Maxwell in his book, “The Five Levels of Leadership”, describes five levels of leadership and how you can grow and be a leader who makes more leaders in every organization.
The first level of the leadership is called Position. This is the lowest level of leadership that does not need any effort to achieve. In this level, your domination and prestige come by your job title, and people follow you because they have to. This level, “is a great place to visit but you would not want to live there” (Maxwell, 2013, p.37). This is the level that I have not experienced in my career or personal life. I can assume that these leaders need their title to
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Maxwell in his book explains that building relationships develop a foundation for effectively leading others, and people follow you because they want to. You cannot lead people until you like people.
This is the level that I have some experiences in my both personal and career life. My career experience goes back when I worked in an international company in my country as a supervisor in the accounting department. As a leader, I made a good personal relationship by showing interest in my colleagues’ personal life. I tried to recognize their strengths and weakness by approaching them, and reinforce their strengths positively when I saw they were using them. The relationship between us was based on trust and reliability and that good personal relationship had created positive energy within the organization.
The third level is Production. In this level, good leaders not only create a pleasant working environment but also they get things done. Thijs Panneman, the writer of Painview website, says that the leader has to be able to set priorities and help team members select the most important tasks to be able to achieve
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Developing people mean that leaders should always work on designating their tasks to others when they can accomplish the same task in 80% or more of your productivity. Maxwell mentions that good leaders on Level 4 invest their time, energy, money, and thinking into growing others as leaders.
The Pinnacle is the level five of the leadership. Leaders in this level have left the organization, but they left a remarkable legacy. These leaders are those who have spent their time to create leaders. Maxwell says in his book that a level 5 leader is one who will create individuals to the point that they will surpass themselves- Fred A. Manske Jr. – (Maxwell, 2011, page. 244), this is a way to make a company grow in the long-term. I believe this is the level that every leader wishes to achieve it one day, and it is my wish as well and I would try my best to be in this level as best I can in the future.
Growing from one step to another one is gradually. Leaders improve their strengths, abilities with facing different situations in each level, and they can take skills and experiences in other levels as

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