Reflection On Ethnography Of Advertising

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Ethnography Reflection
For this ethnography of advertising, I chose to conduct my observations during a regular school day. Even without going out of my way to search for ads, I still encountered an abundance of advertising. These ads ranged from online ads on social media platforms, such as Instagram and Twitter, to advertisements in public spaces such as the UC Berkeley campus and public transportation systems such as BART. Prior to conducting this ethnography, I was unprepared for the number of ads I would encounter on this very normal day. At certain points of the day, the influx of ads became so overwhelming to process. By showcasing a few examples of the type of ads I confronted during this day, I will describe how the role and place of advertising in my everyday life has become so intrinsically passive and how the presence of advertising is far from avoidable. At the start of my day, I began with my normal routine– picking up my phone and checking for notifications. Prior to this assignment, I had an inkling that my phone, and its access to social media platforms, would account for a large portion of my daily advertisements. Algorithmically, Instagram places one in-feed ad approximately between every ten new posts you scroll through. Throughout my entire day, I scrolled through at least 7 in-feed Instagram ads. In this, no two ads were alike. Ads ranged from showing Clorox’s Purex product to an Equitone ad promoting new apartment complexes in Belgium.

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