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CULTIVATING REFLECTION-IN-ACTION & REFLECTION-ON-ACTION Reflection is loosely defined as the way we learn from an experience in order to understand and develop practice. Reflection is a means of processing thoughts and feelings about an incident, and gives us a chance to come to terms with our thoughts and feelings about it. For example, if something did not go the way you wanted it, we would tend to reflect on it by asking ourselves questions such as why did it go wrong and how did it go wrong. John Dewey’s theory of Reflective Practice John Dewey (1933) was among the first to identify reflection as a specialised form of thinking. As quoted from Dewey, he considered the root of reflection came from doubt, hesitation or perplexity related…show more content…
Reflection is not about evaluating an intervention of the client, but rather the process of theory that we use through our own experience and knowledge (Duncan, E., 2009). Also, it is imperative to recapture practice experiences and mull them over critically in order to gain new understandings and to improve future practice as a therapist (Finlay, L., 2008) as the healthcare sector is constantly changing and upgrading itself. Reflection also allows us to apply our knowledge that is improving to a wide variety of cases that we may encounter, be it a case that we have seen before or a totally new case that we have to…show more content…
Ways to cultivate reflection-in-action and reflection-on-action Asking questions You can ask questions to clarify your doubts on something that you don’t know, and not assuming anything. It is important as we cannot assume our client’s background, medical history, problems that they are having emotionally, physically, etc. Teaching This would give you many opportunities to practice what you have learnt previously. Engaging in communities of practice and networking Learning from different countries about their methods and strategies. For example, learning about their culture. This would broaden your knowledge base. Being an OT, we need to know their culture and religion to better remediate them back into the society that they live in. Taking time out / stepping out You need to stop what you are doing for a while to have time to reflect on your actions. Ask yourself questions such as where did I do well, where have I gone wrong, how do I

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