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When I was little I was always getting into trouble. I would talk back to my parents every time they told me to do something; I would have a weekly trip , at least, to the principal 's office, and was constantly grounded. Every time I did something I was punished severely in different ways. Most of the time my dad was the one disciplining me, and because of him punishing me when I was little I was as mature as an adult when I was a freshman in high school. When I would talk back to my dad, after he told me to do something as simple as take the trash out, he told me he would put tabasco sauce in my mouth and then rinse it out with soap. I of course did not believe him, but he sure enough came through with his “threat”. He came running up the stairs and put that tabasco sauce in my mouth then rinsed it out with soap. I remember being so angry and screaming and yelling at him. Incidents like this happened once or twice a month for a few years back when I was about 9 years old. The discipline I received for incidents like this one was just part of the equation. I was also held to a very high standard at school, and I would get grounded if I failed to meet those standards. Mecl 2 I attended a private school, St. Anne’s, from kindergarten through eighth grade. This school already had higher standards than the public school. But my parents expected I get nothing worse than a B. I knew that but still tested the system when I was in 5th grade. I remember I brought home

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