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During my early college years, I explored ways on how I can study, remember, and learn knowledge better. I copied learning styles from classmates like drawing images to visualize texts, make use of mnemonics to compress and memorize terms, sing the writings and make it ridiculously catchy, etc. A sequence of my learning habit that I retain up to now is first reading the whole lesson, then reflecting and making sense of the whole lesson according to the goals/ objectives, followed by constructing connections/patterns of subtopics, and lastly, making a table, venn diagram, or classification trees to compare, contrast, or classify ideas/terms.
As discussed from the previous reflection paper, my learning style is a combination of logical-mathematical and solitary-interpersonal. I am not saying that I have mastered it and that these two are the only styles that I use in learning, but these are the learning styles that best work for me.
New ideas, especially those new to my vocabulary, are always the hardest to learn. I crave to learn the whole picture in a topic, make connections to things I already know, and hope that learning them will soon make sense and help me in pursuing my profession. This is why I was not motivated to study the horrific organic chemistry subject because as the upperclassmen said back then, it will be useless for the major courses. Organic chemistry was the worst case scenario for my learning style. I tried making connections and patterns with the shapes,
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