Reflection Paper On You Can Live A Happy Life

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Introduction There are so many books that are trying to give you a lot of ideas, instructions and steps on how to be happy. You chose to have this book maybe because you are facing a very difficult problem. Maybe you are experiencing adversity or trials. Maybe you are so down, depressed and you only have one thing in mind. “I just want to be happy.” My dear friend, you have chosen the right book. God made you have this because He wants me to help you become happy. This book will give you hope. How? Do we really need to follow the law of attraction? Do we really need to connect passion, purpose and power to be happy? No, we don’t. I have the courage to say no because you really don’t need to do those things to be happy. You don’t need to ask the universe or whatsoever to be a better person. You don’t need to connect passion and power to know your purpose in life and know you true self. This book, You Can Live a Happy Life, will help you become a better person and be happy not tomorrow, not someday, but it will help you today! Acknowledgement Josephine Trajano, my mother. Thank you for not giving up on me. You’re the best mom in the world. Vicky Sue Vargas - for encouraging me to go back to church and become a Christian again Thank you, Hope for the World Church. Joshua V. Garcia - thank you for loving me, for taking care of me and believing in me. I have been
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