Reflection: Shel Silverstein's Hippo-Poo-Tum '

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16 microscopes, worksheets, scratch paper, pencils, safety googles, chemical-resistant gloves, toothpicks, sugar, salt, onion, pencil shavings, corn starch/flour, elodea leaves, Methylene blue, procedures for each station, prepared slides with pencil shavings, corn starch, sugar, salt.
Students will be working in pairs so that they can discuss their observations, and share their thoughts about what they see. In the end of the lesson, they will share their notes with groups and then the whole class. This will help clarify misconceptions.

2. Interdisciplinary Activities:
a) Math/Literature
Students will solve a math puzzler found in the poem entitled “Shel Silverstein’s Hippo-po-tah-tum” by J. Patrick Lewis. This is a very short activity reinforcing the concept of a living thing and its attributes. Have students answer what characteristics of a living thing is depicted in the poem (Answer: living things need energy to survive).
A book titled “Edgar Allan Poe's Pie: Math Puzzlers in Classic Poems by J. Patrick Lewis, pencils, scratch paper
Students will work in pairs so as they could discuss how to solve a
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In the temporary groups, students read over their article at least twice and become familiar with it. Give students in these expert groups time to discuss the main points of what they have read. Students also need to agree on what they are going to present to their original groups. Bring the students back to their jigsaw groups. Give each student 5 minutes to present her/his article. Encourage members of the group to ask for clarification. In meantime, students fill out 3-2-1 slips. In the end, each person shares one thing that he/she has learned with the whole class. The activity will reinforce the concepts, extend students’ knowledge, and it may encourage some students to search for more

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