Reflection: Supporting Learning In The Classroom

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Reflection is a practice that can be adjusted to suit each person and experience. There are no special documents or materials needed. Although reflection does require practice and intentional strategies, it is an extremely simple and powerful way to connect learning and inspiration. Learning comes from many different incidents and experiences that we have in life. We can learn much about ourselves, others, our job, our organisation, and professional practice, as well as our abilities and skills, if we consciously take the time to reflect. To help us do this, we can ask ourselves the following questions: 1. What happened? What did I think/ feel? What did I do and Why? 2. What went well? 3. What could have been better? 4. Describe what I have learnt from this experience 5. What (if anything) …show more content…

Supporting learning activities in year 5, I feel confident in the classroom in a supporting role. Mrs Shaw, the teacher, is very clear in what she likes me to do and I am responsible to get on with my tasks. If I do not understand something then I am happy to ask for help. I do my best to be of as much use as possible. 2. Generally I feel that my work in the class is a positive addition to the children’s learning, an extra person in the classroom means more support for the teacher and so more individual help for the children. I think it is very gratifying when I help a child understand a problem and so build their confidence. Feedback I get on my performance is very positive and helpful. 3. I could have better academic skills, my maths and English could be of a higher level to give me more confidence. Sometimes I feel I struggle to formulate a clear explanation or answer to a question and then I worry that I might confuse a child rather than help them. Knowing which (open-ended) questions to ask of the children to get them to think harder is sometimes difficult. I feel I have not much experience with SEN children and also not much experience of Key Stage 1 or

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